About Colorado Wedding Photographer Ashley Kidder

Ashley Kidder

Courtesy of Kyla Fear Photography

+ I lift weights five times a week — to work off all the tacos I inhale on a weekly basis.  Or Garbanzo’s.  Or Indian food.  Or burgers.  Or bacon.  Okay, you get the idea.

+ I collect postcards from the places I visit — to recapture the memories I’ve created long after I returned home.  My next trip is to Australia and I can’t wait!

+ My corgi, Sherman, is the light and love of my life — because and in spite of her sassy little attitude.

+ Recently, I purchased my first home in the Highlands with the help of my BFF who happens to also be my real estate broker.  I am now a proud owner of a condo built in 1896 — I adore my little space, un-level floors and all.

+ I’m not ashamed to admit my undying endearment for the Fast and the Furious movie franchise.  I love that shit!

+ I pull out the shoebox of letters and gifts I saved from my granddad often — to remember him and the lessons he imparted with each token of his love.

+ I was obsessed with The X-Files in the 90s — I became a photographer only after failing to become a clone of Special Agent Dana Scully.

+ I taught high school French for five years, and teaching will always be part of who I am — giving back to the Colorado creative community inspires me and builds me up.

+ The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in California is one of my favorite places to explore — as a kid and as an adult.

+ I am an avid-concertgoer and consider my favorite holiday of the year to be the opening day of summer concert season at Red Rocks.

+ Denver is where I plan to call home for the rest of my life.  This city has two of the most important things to me: my friends and my business.  I can’t imagine leaving either behind.

+ Can’t wait to meet you and hear more about all that makes you rad!   -Ash


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A few of my favorite things, but you might notice a trend. : )