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Talk about a change of scenery!  Anthony + Grace flew into Breckenridge from Miami for a romantic (and super snowy) Valentine’s Day weekend.  Little did Grace know, however, that this would be the weekend where she said I do to her longtime love.

Their day started at a sleigh ride just outside of Breck’s main drag.  Anthony had made extensive plans for the day, and while the proposal itself wasn’t happening until the evening over dinner, he still wanted cute photos of the two of them enjoying the snow before the sleigh ride.  So, I posed as best I could as a snowboarding-loving Breckenridge local to get some fun snapshots of the soon-to-be-engaged couple.

Fun fact: I have only been snowboarding once in my life, and it was actually in California.  Um, what?

Although Anthony and I had been in cahoots since the September prior to their Valentine’s Day trip, I pretended to have only just met him at the sleigh ride.  It was way more fun than I had anticipated to play this role to ensure the secrecy of the big plans for the day.  I’m pretty sure I’d make a decent covert operative, if I ever had to switch careers and work for the CIA or FBI.

Fun fact: For the longest time, from the age 7 and until my high school years, I really did want to be an FBI agent!  Blame it on my love for Mulder + Scully.

This was also Grace’s first time seeing snow, and Kyla and I couldn’t help but giggle in adoration of her visible enchantment.

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After the sleigh ride photos, my assistant + best friend, Kyla, and I got some work done in a café off the main street of the ski town.  We weren’t needed until later that evening, where the real fireworks were scheduled to take place: over a fancy Valentine’s Day meal.

When the time came, we hopped over to Hearthstone Restaurant, where Anthony had kindly reserved us a table within view of him + Grace.  The restaurant staff was also in on the big event; Kyla and I tried as best we could to avoid sneaking peeks at the couple, who were seated mere meters away from us.

“Do you think they recognized us?”  “Shit, did she catch me peeking?!”  “This mushroom soup is divine.”  “I’m so nervous!”

Fun fact: Proposals make me wayyyy more nervous than any part of the wedding day.    

Our thoughts (and table conversation) were all over the place.  We were so excited to enjoy a really nice dinner together but we were way more hyped for the proposal to come.  The adrenaline was flowing the entire meal.

Finally, after noshing on scallops + a rack of ribs, the manager of the restaurant came over to our table to let us know it was time for the bling to make its appearance.  Kyla + I hid our cameras under our napkins (real stealthy, amirite?!), and secret agent mode was ON.

Seemingly ten years later, the dessert came out from the kitchen and to Anthony + Grace’s table.  My heart was in my throat and Kyla and I whipped out our cameras like trained assassins.  Jason Bourne, eat your heart out.

Anthony stood, held Grace’s hand, and then dropped to one knee.  Kyla + I snapped our shutters as if our lives depended on it.  Grace said yes, and the entire room of the restaurant erupted into applause.

Breckenridge proposal photosBreckenridge proposalBreckenridge proposalBreckenridge proposalBreckenridge proposalAfter the big moment had passed, Kyla + I finally let out the massive breaths we had been holding in as soon as that shiny diamond came out to play.  We waved over at Grace, our cover blown.

For the final part of the day, we ventured out into the snow once more for some post-proposal photos.  It was still lightly snowing, which meant off-camera flash was about to go down in a monumental fashion.  There are fewer things I love in this world than being able to shoot some nighttime images while the snow is floating down, with my flashes illuminating its encompassing presence around my couples.

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Congratulations again to Anthony + Grace!  I’ve heard the two are planning a destination wedding for the Dominican Republic and I could not be more excited for them!

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