Denver Proposal Photos | Bryan + Chelsea

Before I began my career as a Colorado wedding photographer, I used to teach high school French at Northglenn High.  This is where I met one of my now-clients, Bryan, who proposed to his girlfriend over Thanksgiving break this year.  I am so thrilled that I was there to document it!

Bryan was a student in my French II class the first year that I stepped foot inside my own classroom.  I will always remember this class as one of my favorites (yes, teachers have favorites).  The kids from 7th hour were always so upbeat, positive, fun, and just downright goofy.  Bryan included.

As a class of mostly sophomores and juniors, we danced to ‘N Sync, played practical jokes on each other (I seem to remember Silly String being involved at one point), and endlessly mocked interesting hairstyle choices.  Bryan will always have the nickname of The Cheetah, for a time when he attempted to bring back the frosted tips hairstyle of the early 2000s.

So when I heard from The Cheetah (he even refers to himself as such), it was a kick in the pants to talk to him about his plans for proposing to his girlfriend, Chelsea.  I was over-the-moon that he thought to include me in his grand scheme.

For the proposal, he picked a cute spot in downtown Lafayette not far from Chelsea’s house.  It was the day after Thanksgiving, so he rounded up his family members to watch the proposal happen.  They peered on from inside a bank across the street while I pretended to bumble with my phone outside of a café, as if I were waiting for a friend who was late to a date.

I had my camera hidden as much as possible in my purse, facing away from the couple, as they started walking towards me.  The next thing I knew, in a whirlwind moment, Bryan was down on one knee and Chelsea couldn’t believe what was happening.

The two quickly embraced and I knew she had said yes!  The emotions kept on coming as they were both clearly in their own moment.  Hugs, kisses, unbelievable stares at a gorgeous rose gold ring.  It was magical.

After they had had time to chat and revel in the moment, Bryan’s family came out from their hiding spot and everyone came together to celebrate.  It was so neat to see Bryan’s parents, whom I had met through parent-teacher conferences every year, and Bryan’s sister Audrey, whom I taught briefly in French class as well.

Congratulations again to Bryan + Chelsea!  I wish you both the best of luck in the many years you will spend together as a married couple.

Enjoy a few faves from the proposal photos below, and thank you for stopping by the blog!

Denver Proposal Photos | Bryan + Chelsea

Location: Downtown Lafayette

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