Yes, It Will (Probably) Rain On Your Wedding Day

Colorado in the summertime features an absolutely spastic variety of weather happenings.  We get thunderstorms, hail, dry heat, tornadoes in some areas, lightning storms (which sadly sometimes lead to mountain fires), and everything in between.

I remember moving here from Palo Alto, California, in 1995 and not being very familiar with the array of weather.  I came from warm and slightly humid summers with no rain to desert-like heat with almost-guaranteed late-afternoon showers.  Snow was also brand-new to me, and I couldn’t believe that it once snowed in June in Bailey, where we had moved in 1996 (on our scheduled field day, of all days).

I have come to love those early-evening rain showers.  For someone with frizzy hair and volatile skin, this is saying something.

For the first few years living on my own in a quaint little studio on Poet’s Row in Capitol Hill, I was too cheap to invest in a window air conditioning unit.  I had a ceiling fan, thankfully, but it only helped a bit.  The true savior?  The rain.

Like clockwork, the rain would show up from around 3 to 5 pm.  With it would come cool air, a refreshing humidity (is that an oxymoron?), and some relief from the days where we were experiencing 100 degrees and up.

Then, as a broke teacher with no a/c, I had a differing opinion about this rain than others would have.  Brides + grooms, however, may not appreciate these summer storms as the most popular ceremony times are — you guessed it — from 3 to 5 pm.

So, I’m here to say it straight-up, no sugarcoating:

Yes, it will (probably) rain on your wedding day.

But!  There’s good news that goes along with that statement.

Even though it will most likely rain on the day of your celebration, it doesn’t have to be all bad.

To reiterate what all of our grade-school teachers said to us at one point in our lives, attitude is everything.  It is key, especially on a wedding day.

To better illustrate this, it’s time for a little game choose your own adventure.  Here is the setting:

You are engaged to be married, and your wedding is taking place in a stunning mountain setting in the summer.  Think: atop of a vista that requires a ski lift ride to access it.  It’s the big day, and those ominous grey clouds are moving in.

You can follow one of two paths given the settings above.  Here are your choices:

Option A: FREAK OUT.  Rain?!  On your wedding day?!  You have got to be kidding me.  Everyone’s perfect curls are done and set, and the outdoor ceremony depends on the weather clearing up.  This is just a disaster.  No one wants rain on their wedding day.  Why is this happening?!  Stress level: off the charts

Option B: Roll with it!  It’s just water after all, right?  Colorado weather is so fickle that it’ll probably pass after a few minutes anyway.  There’s no need to get worked up about it.  You can wipe off the ceremony chairs before guests arrive and the venue will have a back-up option in case you need to move the ceremony indoors.  Most guests arrive a bit late anyway, so pushing the ceremony back ten minutes isn’t a huge deal.  Stress level: totally manageable

Alright, which option sounds like the best choice?  I think we all know the answer.

As a Colorado wedding photographer, I’ve seen both options in action.  I’ve seen the tears flow, and I’ve seen couples become so entrenched in their own negative thoughts that they actually appeared to not be enjoying the day because of the rain.

I totally get it — rain does throw a wrench into the plans.  It’s tricky.

But, I’m going to say it again: attitude is everything.

Thankfully, I am lucky to work with phenomenal couples who understand that the true purpose of a wedding day is just that: to have a wedding, rain or shine.  When the DJ wraps, the most important thing to remember is that a wedding day is about celebrating the love of two people, no matter the environment.

So, as your wedding rolls around, remember that if it does rain, it’s not a huge deal.  The storm will pass, and before you know it, it’s back to business as scheduled.

If you tend to worry a bit more than others (like I do), you can do a few things ahead of time to plan accordingly for the weather:

  • Discuss back-up plans with your wedding venue before the wedding.  If you have a coordinator or planner, they’ll be able to help give recommendations for back-up plans as well.  Additionally, make sure to think of a back-up spot for the first look, bridal party photos and family photos as well.
  • Make a note to your guests on your wedding website or invite.  Let them know to bring an umbrella or light coat, just in case.
  • Keep a stash of a few clear umbrellas for you and your bridal party.  These ones from Target are my choice as they don’t block the light from hitting your faces and they look super cute in photos.  I have one in my car but it’s never a bad idea to keep some with you as well.
  • Download an app that shows weather in real time.  This is different than your standard weather app that comes with your phone.  Download one that shows the radar in action, and you’ll be able to see more clearly how long the rain will last and when you can expect to get back to the schedule of events.
  • If all else fails, get out there and take some photos!  Some of my most cherished photos are in inclement weather.  Precipitation can make for stunning images, especially with the use of strategically-placed flashes.  I’m always down for photos in the rain or snow — bring it on!

Take a peek below at a few of my badass clients who dealt with rain on their wedding day in stride.  No tears here, only smiles + laughter allowed.

Grand Hyatt Denver wedding

Annie + Drew were about to move their rooftop terrace wedding inside (to a hallway — what?) at the Hyatt Denver Downtown because of the rain. We didn’t waste any time, however, and took portraits inside on the top floors.  Annie was a rockstar the whole time and never batted an eye at the rain!

Grand Hyatt Denver wedding

With a little help from their lovely officiant, Micah Sturr, we lobbied the staff at the hotel to keep the ceremony outside. The rain passed and Annie + Drew got the wedding that they had hoped for, with the Denver skyline aglow in the background.

Della Terra Chateau wedding photos

Kayla + Brian were married in April in Estes Park at the beautiful Della Terra Chateau. The weather came out of nowhere and we were surprised with a spring blizzard the day of the wedding. Did they sweat it? Nope! We grabbed some umbrellas and embraced the setting for some amazing images.

Della Terra Chateau snowy wedding

Later on that night, we snuck out for some evening images where I used a supplemental flash to capture the snow midair as it fell softly around Kayla + Brian.

Chatfield Botanic Gardens wedding

Jaclyn + Charlie were married at the Chatfield Botanic Gardens in late spring. The ceremony remained untouched by the rain but it began to pour just after the couple walked back down the aisle. We waited a few moments, cranked out the family photos inside, and came back out to an incredible double-rainbow.

Chatfield Botanic Gardens wedding photos

We were so lucky to have the perfect lighting conditions to capture the vibrancy of this rainbow. Photographers, you’ll know what I’m talking about — rainbows can be tricky to capture in stills!

Grand Lake wedding photos

Craig + Miriah were married at the AA Barn in Grand Lake in the summertime. It rained off and on for their day but they never let it bother them.  These two are the epitome of adventure. Avid fly-fishers, they decided to hop into the river for some once-in-a-lifetime photos together.

Cheesman Park wedding photos

Clare + Drew planned ahead and made sure to pick a photo spot that provided overhead covering from the rain. It drizzled for most of the day of their wedding, but by picking the Cheesman Park amphitheater as their location for their bridal party photos, we were able to rock it out as the rain fell down.

Granby Ranch wedding photos

The calm before the storm: We grabbed a few photos with Jana + Vincent just before the rain came at their Granby Ranch wedding. The deep grey of the rain clouds gave us some moody texture in the background of their photos.

Colorado wedding photographers

Another rainbow for Joe + Holly in Copper Mountain!

Rain on your wedding day

Hail pounded the Lionscrest Manor venue in Lyons, Colorado, a few hours before the ceremony. Brittni + Aaron never had an issue with it and continued to enjoy getting ready with their friends + family.

Lionscrest wedding photos Colorado

Brittni + Aaron decided to wait it out and have their ceremony outdoors as planned. It paid off — just look at that view!

Wedding photographers Colorado

Lastly, one of my favorite images of all-time with Anthony + Grace after their proposal in Breckenridge, Colorado. I just love how the snow is captured so majestically.

Colorado Wedding Photographers | Ashley Kidder

Hello there, I’m Ashley and I’m a Colorado wedding photographer who specializes in photography for couples who plan rad weddings.   If you’re looking for bangin’ wedding photos like these (no matter the weather!), let’s talk!  Feel free to click here to get in touch or contact me directly at the email or phone number below.  Looking forward to learning more about your special day! 

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